Master McGrath

1154 River Street, Hyde Park MA 02136

Over three decades ago, five friends, all established businessmen in their own right with a true passion for hospitality, saw a need in the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire for a true place where family,  friends and business associates could meet and gather for good food, share a story, enjoy a few laughs and, of course, have a pint or two! – This is MASTER MCGRATH’S!  From its beginning, the five friends selected from amongst themselves to oversee and direct the operations, Jim “Mr.  Moodie” and his wife Millie. They sold their  landmark restaurant on the South Shore, packed up the kids, and moved to the Seacoast. They went to work on what is a Landmark Restaurant on the Seacoast today. Their passion and love for the hospitality business and for each other created what is a True Family Restaurant. We lost Jim in November, 2005 and Millie in November, 2007, but today, with their son Bill and any career employees who “Mr. Moodie” taught “how to do things right”, the vision is still the same… “Where Good Folk Meet”.

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Thursday 7:30 pm

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